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Buckwheat blossom honey is a superior honey. It is known to have high levels of antioxidants. Raw Buckwheat Honey has a dark molasses-like colour, and a bold, unique flavour. This honey is thick and rich when scooped from the jar.
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Buckwheat honey, a unique variety of honey, is derived from the nectar of buckwheat flowers. This honey sets itself apart from its lighter, milder counterparts with its deep colour, robust flavour, and rich full-bodied texture. What makes buckwheat honey truly stand out is its higher-than-average antioxidant content, making it a healthier alternative to sugar. This natural sweetener boasts a range of health benefits, from soothing coughs to enhancing overall wellness. Its unique taste and aroma, often described as robust, earthy, or malty, can vary but are always distinctive. With its myriad uses in cooking, skincare, and natural remedies, buckwheat honey is a versatile and beneficial addition to any kitchen pantry.

Sweets made with Raw Buckwheat honey

What are the health benifits of RAW BUCKWHEAT HONEY?

With a robust flavour that sets it apart, buckwheat honey is a natural sweetener celebrated for its multitude of health benefits. This dark, full-bodied honey is teeming with antioxidants, key players in fortifying your immune system. One of the standout benefits of buckwheat honey is its ability to soothe sore throats and quell coughs, making it a go-to remedy during the cold and flu season. Beyond that, it's packed with essential minerals and nutrients that contribute to overall wellness. But the benefits of buckwheat honey don't stop at internal health; it's also a cherished ingredient in natural beauty regimens, thanks to its hydrating and anti-inflammatory properties. Whether you're on the hunt for a healthier sugar substitute or a natural solution for common ailments, buckwheat honey proves to be a versatile addition to your pantry.


Buckwheat honey can be used in a variety of ways, thanks to its unique flavor and health benefits. Here are some suggestions:
  • In Beverages: You can use buckwheat honey to sweeten your tea or coffee. Its robust flavor can add a new dimension to your regular drinks.
  • For Coughs: Buckwheat honey is known for its effectiveness in soothing coughs. Simply take a spoonful of it directly or mix it with warm water or herbal tea.
  • In Cooking: Buckwheat honey can be used in a variety of recipes, from marinades to dressings to baking. Its strong flavor can enhance the taste of many dishes.
  • As a Sugar Substitute: If you're looking to cut down on refined sugar, buckwheat honey can be a healthier alternative. Use it in your baking or cooking as a natural sweetener.
  • In Skincare: Thanks to its antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties, buckwheat honey can be used in homemade face masks or as a natural wound healer.

Ingredients & Nutritional Information
Raw Buckwheat Honey
Nutritional Information:
Energy 1402kJ / 330kcal, Fat <0.5g of which saturates <0.1g, Carbohydrate 81.80g of which sugars 80.08g, Fibre <0.5g, Protein 0.7g, Salt <0.025g
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