Our Mission

At Kind to Bee, we work as sustainable beekeepers with a singular mission: to create a world in which honey bees will not just survive but thrive. Our goal is to create high-quality raw honey which reflects our values. Please know that Kind to Bee honey comes from bees who are nurtured in a natural environment. Our efforts, therefore, inherently support our planet by caring for its primary pollinators.
It is worthy to note that nearly 90% of the world’s wild flowering plant species along with 75% of the world’s food crops and 35% of global agricultural land primarily depend on bees for pollination. Therefore, bees not only contribute directly to our food security but are key to conserving biodiversity. As such, our planet and we humans naturally need our bees to thrive. Every single purchase of Kind to Bee Honey means we at Kind to Bee can continue to care for our precious bees, provide them a sustainable environment, and bring even more delicious honey to an increasing customer base.
We ask for your help by spreading the word about our mission to your family and friends. By doing so, you can directly help us protect bees, provide organic and humanely produced honey to customers, and truly help the planet and bees prosper.
Please know that your support for Kind to Bee means that you, too, are caring for our world’s bees.
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